Confianza Market Research & Consultancy has a proven record of serving high quality research reports to companies of all sizes based around the world. We have a huge database of 2500+ latest research titles and more than 25,000 data-sets from 35+ industries around the world.

Who We Are?

Confianza is a global market research & business consultancy service provider based in Pune (India). We offer syndicated market research reports, customized reports, and consulting services to customers around the world. Our data is widely used by various fortune 500 companies, private & public organizations, SMEs, startups, universities, government agencies, and consulting companies. Our market research consultancy and industry analysis services are reliable and suits every budget type.

What we do?

We offer highly reliable & insightful research reports that help our clients in making informed business decisions. Our studies are fact-based and produced with utmost precision to ensure the data shall benefit customers at all levels equally. Notable industries we cover include Technology, Automotive, ICT, Healthcare, Chemicals & Materials, and Food & Beverages. Each year we publish more than 250 high-quality research reports through our in-house research & publishers network.

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