Top Trends In Animal Genetics Market in 2020

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Animal Genetics Market Trends

The study of heredity, gene production in animals, gene expression, color genetics, animal breeding, etc can be classified and named as Animal Genetics. The human race is dependent on the livestock population since they provide us with important life-saving ingredients like milk, eggs, meat, etc. The diversity of products that they supply us is because of their unique genetic makeup. It is important to study animal genetics but its equally important to preserve their genetic design and promote their healthy growth. 

The genetic variation within the livestock or domestic population occurs when we try to preserve the genetic environment against climate change, emerging diseases, pressures on feed, and availability of sufficient water. This variation is very common in cattle usually done to produce more milk or hens to provide more eggs and keeping their health intact. Studying, developing, and promoting animal genetics is pivotal for the development of livestock and is often considered as a pillar in preserving the livestock. It is a broad field to study and involves actions on a local, regional, and national level. 

All the efforts on Animal genetics should broadly be categorized into three ways, Genetics improvement, Conservation, and Characterisation. The products which we gain from livestock such as milk, meat, wool, etc, and the services they render like transport and others are the function of their genes and the environmental changes that are imposed on them. Genetic improvement can be achieved when we select genetically superior parents to produce the next generation which will ensure that the particular characteristics which a parent has, will be automatically be found in the offspring and can be inherited in upcoming generations. Conservation of animal genetics refers to the measures taken to conserve the diversity of genetics in the livestock or domestic population, which also includes the protection of a particular breed from extinction. It involves the conservation of live population and cryo conservation. Similarly, characterization refers to the assessments of the current livestock population and understanding the current production environments, it is an important phase that assists in developing conservation strategies. 

The growing demand for meat and milk across the globe has ignited a new wave of improvements that has grown significant attention towards animal welfare and animal genetics with the help of technology. The increasing consumption of meat and meat products has increased the demand for animal protein which will substantially outgrow this market. These entire developments are balanced by some limitations like lack of skill, lack of experience in animal genetics, high operational costs, stringent government regulations, etc. Animal Genetics is an exciting subject where global companies are focusing on research and development activities to produce better quality animal products, keeping intact the genetic of animals. 

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