Top Trends In The CpaaS Market In 2020

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What is CPaaS?

Communications platform as a service (CPaaS) is a cloud-based delivery model that facilitates the software developing companies to add real-time communication features, such as video, voice, and messaging, to business applications without using any backend infrastructure or interfaces. CPaaS is extensively used in the hardware and software specifications mainly to support the telecommunication applications. 

A CPaaS offers a development framework and assists in building real-time communications features. This framework is a combination of software tools, application programming interfaces (APIs), sample code, and some pre-built applications. CPaaS provider companies assist the developers in the development process by providing support and product documentation. Some prominent companies also offer libraries and software development kits (SDK) for application development on various desktop and mobile platforms. 

CPaaS service providers widely use cloud technology to assist companies of any size and shape to develop and embed the communication capabilities. There are a couple of advantages of CPaaS which talks about efficient utilization of human resources, infrastructure, and effective pricing models where developers can pay for the services they used. Just like infrastructure as a service, it also allows multi-tenancy and the ability for multiple customers to use the service at a given time having a secure and private environment for each tenant. 

The assimilation of any new technology is equally important as developing a new one. Similarly, the CPaaS developers can avail benefits of technical support and can use online tutorials, guides, and forums to map the answers they require or even can avail 24/7 live support. CPaaS allows developers to focus on building their known applications rather than on the basic IT infrastructure.

What are the key applications of CPaaS?

CPaaS has a very bright future and can be innovatively integrated with technology to offer value to customers instead of the traditional offerings. Below mentioned are some of the wide range of possibilities where CPaaS can be applicable. 

  • Chatbots: Chatbots are interacting with users in an entirely imaginative way. These are strategically designed to produce desired outcomes having statistical information from previous interactions helping ensure the results
  • Everyday Chat Apps: To ease any of the operations, businesses are deliberately using easy chats applications which not only exchange informative messages between the employees but also form a way of informal communication
  • Artificial Intelligence Programs: AI is taking the real-time data of CPaaS applications, analyzing it with the help of machine learning and enhancing, making the performance better, and improving the user experience. 
  • Virtual Reality Technology: VR is integrating with the communication software to make distant transactions look more real and personal. With the help of this integration, you can upgrade the video conferencing into a virtual conferencing.
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