Crimped Wire Brushes & Their Applications

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What is a Crimped Wire Brush?

The crimped wire brushes are brushes made out of metallic thin wires and are primarily used for surface polishing & cleaning. Crimped wire brushes are available in different types such as Bevel Brush, Cup Brush, Wheel Brush, and Others.

Crimped Wire Wheel Brushes give high durability on rough surfaces. Models are available for deburring, edge mixing, adhesion roughening, flash reduction, finishing, and surface preparation. Many models can also be used for the cleaning of rust, scale, dirt, and paint.

One of the reasons for the widespread use of wire brushes is that, unlike solid abrasive plates, steel filaments do not remove base material or change component dimensions. Wire brushes clean surfaces in the same way as sandblasting, except that instead of sand particles colliding with the work surface, the wire tips come into contact with the workpiece. Combination of high-quality, hardened steel wire tips.

Steel brushes are often flexible, with several different designs available to meet the specifications of each application. For example, long-filament brushes are conformable and able to follow contoured surfaces, and short-filament brushes are fast-acting and ideal for extreme applications. Another aspect is the fill density: low-density brushes provide good durability for surface cleaning operations on rough surfaces, and high-density brushes provide fast brushing and long brush life.

Due to the many strengths of these wire brushes, Brush Research Manufacturing provides crimped wire brushes for regular, heavy, and super-duty applications. Depending on the workpiece and finish you like, we give a 3″-15 “diameter crimped wire brush range.

The crimping of wire bristles in wire brushes is carried out for two key reasons:

  • Crimping makes the wires stand separate from each other.
  • Crimping prevents flexing and vibration and also helps reduce wire fatigue and breakage.

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