Security testing market overview 2020

Security testing market overview 2020

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Security Testing Market Overview

Security Testing is a type of testing that exposes the weaknesses of the software system and ensures that the data and resources of the system are protected from any possible attacks. Security testing of any system focuses on determining all possible loopholes of the system which might result in the loss of information and ensures that the system and application are free from any possible threats.

Goals of Security Testing:

  • To gauge the potential weaknesses of the system.
  • To identify the possible threats in the system.
  • To help in detecting and mitigating every possible security risk in the system.

Application testing is the fastest-growing segment in the USA and Europe especially due to increased use of web and mobile applications which are more susceptible to possible threats and cyber-attacks. The presence of a vast consumer base in and around Europe region has made it the second lead after the USA globally. The technological supremacy and easy acceptance of vivid web applications of the USA and Europe over other regions is aiding them to invest in this emerging field.

The Asia-Pacific region is the third-largest region after North America in terms of value and volume. The region is anticipated to be growing in the coming years due to investments of giant players of the security testing market in countries like China, Japan, Singapore, and India. Regional advantages like ease of set-up, skilled population, and cheap resources act as growth drivers in this region. Whereas Middle East Africa and Latin America regions are at a slow pace due to their limited investments in the security testing market.

With the arrival of various mobile and web applications and growing cybersecurity attacks, the demand for security testing services has increased making it the most prominent driver for the security testing market. Similarly, strict government rules and regulations are anticipated to favorably impact the growth of this market in the upcoming years.

The security testing market is segmented by network, application, and device on the basis of its type and by web testing, automated testing, code review, and penetration testing on the basis of the testing tool involved.

The Security testing market can be broadly segmented into application types, application services, deployment models, industry verticals, tools, and network services. BFSI, IT & Telecom, Government and public utilities, retail, and healthcare are some of the industry verticals which deploy and promote the use of Security testing.

Several giant players including IBM & Cisco have developed solutions countering the security threats and improving firewall safety. Cisco’s portfolio is more centered on products that offer protection from threats on web and mobile applications, mobile devices, networks, and virtual systems.

Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Accenture, McAfee, IBM, Veracode, Applause, NT Objectives, and White Hat Security are some of the prominent players of the security testing market and are focused to make systems more robust and free from any possible threats.


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