Top 5 Application of OLED Panels in 2020

Top 5 Application of OLED Panels in 2020

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OLED Panel Applications

An Organic LED also known as OLED panel has revolutionized the display industry completely in the last decade. The global OLED Panel market size is anticipated to reach USD 68.25 billion by 2027 and is expected to grow at CAGR of 9.11% between 2020 to 2027 (Source: Global OLED Panel Market Report 2020).

These displays can now easily be spotted in smartphones, smart bands, smartwatches, laptop/desktop screens, television, etc. OLED has gained such popularity owing to its advantages such as high picture clarity, color contrast, low power consumption & flexibility among others. The following are the Top 5 Applications of OLED Panels in 2020.


Many of the television companies are moving from traditional LCD & LED displays to OLED display due to its advanced features such as better picture clarity, better brightness optimization, color accuracy, and low power consumption. Smart TV is the key products that use OLED panels considering to support its advanced applications. There are many variants of OLED panels available for use in a Television such as curved display, flat OLED, flexible OLED panels, Wallpapers, etc. Leading television manufacturing companies such as Sony Electronics, LG Electronics are selling OLED TVs since 2011. 

Smartphone Display

Many of the companies have launched OLED display mobile phones in 2016. In 2018, over 500 million OLED screens were produced for smartphones. OLED displays are the best smartphone display for mobile gaming, entertainment, AR & VR apps, and general usage. Leading smartphone brands using OLED panels are Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Lenovo, OnePlus, Oppo, and Xiaomi.


Computer/Laptop Display

OLED displays are also used on the computer screen. This type of screens is thin which makes monitor display as a flat display. When we compare LCD and OLED, OLED does not require backlighting to function like LCD.


OLED keyboards are the keyboard in which the display can change according to the application setting. For example, when you are running a specific application, the function keys can display their custom actions accordingly.


OLED lighting is a thin film that releases light. According to the experts, it emits the soft and beautiful light as like the natural light. Due to its high price range, the OLED light falls under the niche market. Few of the companies like GE, Philips, OSRAM, Panasonic, NEC have entered the market but slowly they have stopped the production of OLED lighting. Some of the companies are still producing the OLED lighting but the production volume is still and the target audience is niche market like Automotive Industry, premium designers, and healthcare.

Portable device displays

OLED panels are used in Portable devices such as Digital cameras, Wearable devices. Due to its thinner and curved display quality, they are used in such portable devices. Wearable devices can be used for multiple purposes like voice command recognition, gesture recognition, and face and fingerprint recognition. OLED panels are also used in cameras display. The first OLED camera was Kodak LS633 in 2003. Nowadays lots of models available like Canon Power Shot G1 X Mark III.

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